Agriturismo - la tilia Rural tourist facility in LEQUIO TANARO
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Our cuisine consists of traditional Piedmontese dishes, made with ingredients coming from our vegetable garden and our animals.
Since our opening, we have wanted to privilege the quality of the ingredients (of our own production, local and organic) and the care in preparing the dishes, more than the menu itself or the review of the typical dishes: use of light condiments, freshness of the ingredients, and quality of the wine served.

The meats for example are purchased in Carrù, city famous for boiled meat and cows of Fassone breed; we buy cold meats and salami from an agricultural holding specialized in the production of quality sausages, prepared according to ancient recipes; while we buy the cheese in the farmsteads near Murazzano.

The vegetables that we serve come from our vegetable garden, therefore the hors d’œuvre follow the seasons and depend on what the garden offers.

The bread and hot focaccias that accompany the cold cuts and salami, egg pasta, potato dumplings, sweets…are all dishes prepared by us and served fresh for lunch, dinner or snack on Sunday afternoon…

Some of our dishes consist in sliced veal in tuna sauce, roulades of yellow peppers, hand-made agnolotti, sausage risotto, rabbit in Arneis wine and the unfailing mixed boiled beef cuts with the traditional « bagnetto verde » (savoury green sauce).
The sweets are prepared by Enrica and on weekends, we propose a dish with three tastes, amongst the most appreciated: hazelnut pie, the bunet, trifle, plain ice cream with hot zabaglione, apple and pear pie, tart with chocolate cream and hazelnuts, apple or pear strudel, walnuts and chocolate, handmade cream puffs, baci di dama, etc…